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Having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty. It’s self-destruction.

Bobbe Sommer (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
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A line of roses lines the street where Michael Brown was shot

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Acid Attack Survivors Pose For Photo Shoot, Show Us What ‘Beautiful Really Means’

They may not bear the features of typical models, but their beauty is undeniable.

Five Indian acid attack survivors boldly posed before the camera recently to shed light on their plight and to help fulfill their dreams

Learn more about their stories and see more of their photos here. 

(Source: Rahul Saharan, Stop Acid Attacks)

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For all the protesters out there:


If you aren’t aware, cops love to destroy the phones of people who record them. 

So next time you’re in a situation where you are recording an officer and fear for the safety of your video evidence, try using the Bambuser app.

It uploads your video online to your Bambuser account while you record it. You can also stream the video live. This way your videos are saved online, safe from the hands of the uniformed pigs. 

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Just finished up a presentation on #Colonialism/#decolonialism to the Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands. #micats #dcats it was amazing to share this space with such a powerful organization focused on such an important issue… We were just outside the Enbridge pipeline on a little farm… Tthe Enbridge pipeline is the basically the Michigan KeystoneXL… These people are putting their lives on the line to help maintain #puremichigan #outsidesw #raizup #elzn #environmentalism #native #taino #xicano #arte #populareducation

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12 Incredible Summer Barbecue Life Hacks




Cook Corn on the Cob in a Cooler

Everyone loves corn on the cob. It’s juicy, flavorful, and goes with anything, which makes it a must-have at any barbecue. The only problem is trying to cook enough for everyone to enjoy — which you can solve with this simple life hack.

Find a big cooler…

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Walk and memorial in Winnipeg tonight, in honour of Tina Fontaine, Faron Hall and all Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Respect and prayers to all our relations.


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Preparing Your Students for the Challenges of Tomorrow

very timely!
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Juwan Lakota

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Since proclaiming its “independence” in 1948, it has remained dependent on a large, now over $3 billion per annum and counting,” foreign aid” payment from the United States, far, far more than many poor countries that desperately need that aid but don’t get it. Supplementing this subsidy, Israel has its own advanced military industrial and technology complex upgrading and customizing weaponry in military and aerospace industries. Its current escalating war on Gaza is only the latest, following on the heels of seven “recognized” wars, two Palestinian intifadas, many reprisal operations and countless covert operations including interventions and assassinations. Its capacity to punish and its willingness to use advanced weapons in areas dense with civilians like Gaza is terrifying – and it is so by design. The United States may have used “shock and awe” in Iraq to launch its war there, but Israel has routinized it with 2,360 air strikes in its 2008-2009 “Cast Lead” campaign in Gaza alone. So far there has been well over l,000 sorties in this latest bloody blitzkrieg. Is it any surprise that of all its military branches it is the Air Force that is dominated the most by extremists and West Bank settlers. And, in all of its conflicts, Tel Aviv invents and then seizes a constantly reinforced “moral” high ground, immediately positioning itself as a victim and defending its actions as defensive. That view is then relentlessly streamed 24/7 to the public by lobby groups, PR firms and government agencies to and through a well-orchestrated network of political allies and supporters worldwide. This is not new, says Israeli historian Ilan Pappe: “The Israeli propaganda machine attempts again and again to narrate its policies as out of context and turns the pretext it found for every new wave of destruction into the main justification for another spree of indiscriminate slaughter in the killing fields of Palestine.”

How Israeli PR Sells Gaza Slaughter | Consortiumnews (via aboriginalnewswire)
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17\7\2014 - 230 Martyrs and 1960 wounded in the continues war on Gaza, more than 40% of them are children, The ministry of Health in Gaza said. The last massacre by the israeli occupation forces was the killing of four cousins while playing football on the beach on wednesday 16\7\2014. Those four cousins are Ahed Baker 10 years old, Zakaria Baker 10 years old, Mohammad 11 years old and Ismael Baker 9 years old, thought it was the time to have some fun, as the sky is empty from the Israeli killers noise.

Israeli Occupation Forces targeted and Killed 4 kids in Gaza while playing football | Stop the Wall (via aboriginalnewswire)
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As the Israelis once more inflict collective punishment in Gaza (a tactic which happens to constitute a war crime), it is time to consider the mind-set behind their repeated violent and sadistic behavior. One way to do so is to listen to the rationalizations they use, also repeatedly, to justify their actions. Among the many rationalizations offered by Israeli leaders for their violent behavior is the assertion that the Arabs, and Palestinians in particular, “only understand force.” If you do not use force against them they interpret its absence as a sign of weakness and this only encourages them to stand against the Zionist state.

The Periodic Slaughter of Palestinians | Consortiumnews (via aboriginalnewswire)
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The Hunter by Qaris Kosim Satyaputra


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Israel is about to unleash hell on the civilians of Gaza again, as if the last few weeks weren’t enough, or since the creation of the state of Israel. They killed 1,400 Palestinians in their last ground invasion of the besieged coastal enclave - between December 2008 to January 2009 - 300 of whom were children.

They bombed schools, used white phosphorus which is banned and shot at people waving white flags.

Make no mistake, Israel’s aim is to cleanse neighbourhoods - those are the words of an ex-Israeli soldier who took part in the assault. They went in and shot anything and everything that moved and they’re going to do it again.

(Source: standwithpalestine)

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